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Sending Mark Zuckerberg a wedding card


Pinterest Board Justified: No Nonsense Circuit on Fitness

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. So… Have you ever wanted a workout that does not require moving from a five foot radius and also does not require wearing tennis shoes? Well, here you go. This is called the no nonsense circuit.

50 jumping jacks
20 squats
20 jump squats
40 lunges
15 burpees (I think)
60 crunches
25 pushups
Repeat 3X.

I like to consider myself to be pretty fit. Although, with a slight heart murmur and 90 degree weather, sometimes it can be heart to do anything outside. So, I chose to go the gym route and also chose a workout I could do at home just in case I got stuck at home editing photos. Low and behold, I found this fantastical workout….do not take it lightly! I can barely get through ALL of the items…TWICE…much  less THREE TIMES…which the fitness guru has prescribed for the pinterest “Fitness” junkie to do.

So you think to yourself, “Oh yeah I can totally do this….lunges, burpees, pushups…no big deal.” And off to the races you go! Determined and donning stretchy pants, tshirt, and hair up, you start off your circuit. The first half goes by with the jumping jacks, squats, and jump squats….holy crap, what the heck?! I think for me it was the constant jumping agility required in this and it makes me dizzy..Enough excuses, so we proceed to the second half of lunges, burpees, pushups and situps…Let’s just say that I am already uncoordinated so sometimes I have to leave out the burpees and add v-sits at the end just so I don’t hurt myself! Annnd you’re done! Two more times? CRAP!! This is usually what goes on in my brain every single time I attempt this. The reason this is so amazing (in my opinion) is because I feel like I just did a Cardio Interval workout in 30 minutes. My heart is JUMPING, I’m sweating all over the place, and I’m aching all over the place. Anyways, may the aches and pains be with you on this journey of the circuit!

When someone tries to wake me up on a Monday




A Photographer’s Pet Peeves

Hola everyone! In this post I’m not going to be justifying any Pinterest boards but what I will be doing is setting a list of pet peeves as a photographer that get under my skin. I saw something on Facebook that someone posted on my wall so I wanted to

1. When someone tells me, “It’ll be fun, you should bring your camera!”
You are probably correct in that it will be fun, but as photography is something that I do indeed love, I also want to be having fun like everyone else. Sure, sure…If it is something you love, you’ll love doing it all the time. One could not be more wrong. Sometimes, the photographer wants to have a break also from editing, a break from shooting and carrying equipment that causes aches and pains. Even though you may be a friend or family member, it is not something I want to do all the time 24/7/365. Just a heads up!

2. When someone says, “What kind of camera do you use?”
I shot with a Nikon Coolpix for 4 years before I invested in my first Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Body: My Canon Rebel T2i. I LOVED IT, but I LOVE my Canon more! However, when someone asks me what kind of camera I use, it is not the size that matters. It’s how you use it.

3. When friends try to take advantage of me and my business just because they are my “friends.”  A former friend is formerly a friend for a reason. Without getting into too many details, the person severely cropped my photo on an online social media site twice and thought I would not say anything. Clearly, when a friend does this, even a family member, they do not respect my business which means they do not respect me. I think any person with a business would understand where I am coming from.

4. Camera equipment is not easy to travel with. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flown in the last year and wished I could bring my fancy camera and superb lenses with me. Lenses and camera bodies are so fragile, even if they are in a fantastic camera bag. The risks of dropping the bag and accidentally kicking the bag under the seat only to find you’ve crushed a lens or filter are too high for me to even consider traveling with it.

5. Why are your fees so high? This is another good one that I sometimes get, but I know other photographers get it ALL THE TIME. Photographers need insurance. They need equipment. I can tell you that just starting out that all of my equipment, software, laptop totals at least $3K. That is obviously not including health, life, and equipment insurance. Also, you are not just getting some photo that was snapped from a digital point and shoot and sent off to the labs as soon as it is upload. The hours it takes to edit those photos so your photographer can give you quality service can be a lot.

So there you go…my pet peeves as a photographer. If you are a photographer, please let me know your pet peeves :)

Clint Piland 2011. ©Blaire Kathryn Photography now does customized FB Cover Photos.

Clint Piland 2011. ©Blaire Kathryn Photography now does customized FB Cover Photos.

My Business. Photography. ©Blaire Kathryn Photography.

My Business. Photography. ©Blaire Kathryn Photography.

Justified Pinterest Board: Frankfurt Airport on Airports that I cannot Tolerate

Frankfurt, Germany. Home to delicious foods and the worst airport known to mankind. Or one of the worst. Here is my justification and quandary with this spawn of Satan airport.

In 2008, I decided that I wanted to Study Abroad in Perugia, Italy. I went through the whole shebang and booked the flights to and from Roma. Well, on the way back home, the trip was a Disaster with a capital D. We BARELY made it through Frankfurt due to its confusing layout. We stepped out of the plane to catch some sort of subway transportation system. I had my bags checked in Frankfurt and I’m pretty sure they kicked and threw my bags because they had vases in there from Murano. Which, maybe I should’ve taken them with me…but still. I had five I took home and only two made it unscathed. The flights had changed terminals. Then, when we arrived in the terminal our flight was no where to be seen on the Flight Schedule board. We were asking anyone we could that looked as though they worked there. Needless to say, a few have repinned this particular pin so I’m not alone and I’m going to leave it at that. Leave comments but keep them clean and classy thanks! :)

The stoplight at Western and Gorman


I’m just like,